Guardian Technologies Air Filter Integration


 I've gone down this path several times and each time, I come to the same dead end.  I know there's potential to make this work, I think I just need a little guidance.

Guardian Technologies makes several air purifiers that are bluetooth/wifi enabled. Here is one such example: Germ Guardian Wi-Fi Bluetooth Smart Voice Control Air Purifier, UV Light Sanitizer Eliminates Germs, Mold, Odors, True HEPA Filters Allergies,Pollen,Smoke,Dust,Pet Dander, 28inch 4-in-1 CDAP5500BCA

I have four of these. The reason I purchased them was because of promises that it works with Alexa. Don't even get me started on how awful the Alexa integration is and nevermind even THINKING about controling a device with simple verbal commands. I will admit that Amazon recently allowing you to create a custom input in routines has HELPED with this but due to the limit of one custom command per routine, I have to create 4 routines just to get the air purifiers to do 1 thing.

Obviously I'm not expecting to connect this device to HE via Bluetooth. What I'm proposing is creating some sort of API connection that will allow me to trigger the commands. I'm certain this is how Amazon makes it work because the 'devices' don't actually show as devices in Alexa.

I consider my skill level intermediate and I know enough about API connections to be dangerous. I looked at the developer options and there's a login for hubea by Aplix. The login requires a mybeaconId and password. I have this information but no matter what I do, I can't seem to make the connection. Of course there's no documentation that I could find online.

I tried multiple times to find a driver in the tuya ecosystem and was unsuccessful. I will totally use that as a workable option if it exists. I don't NEED them to be controlled locally but I WOULD like to control all of them easily without all the Alexa gobbledymess in between.

I could not find any other available integrations that I could daisy chain and no IFTTT. There must be a reasonable API connection that I can make to get this to work.

Could be a fun learning project for me and a talented individual :slight_smile:

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