GU10 Lamp Recommendations - Fibaro Dimmer 2

Mostly on the load. If you have a high load there should be no need for the bypass no matter what. How ever you can also get bad quality lamps which the bypass helps smooth the dimming if you don't have a neutral for example.

I have the H2 LITE

and have a local wholesaler.

That's odd. In that range with or without the bypass it should be good. If you have a mix of old and new I wonder if they changed their dimming from trailing edge to leading edge :thinking:. The dimmers do both but you can only have one type per line.

The manufacturer has the data sheet on their minimum loads with and without neutral that will show you that. The reason why (I'll see if I can find something) is because the device is electronic and requires a phase and a return path to the star point (neutral). When you don't have a neutral at the device to power it it has to have a way back so that goes via the lamp through it to the neutral. So essentially that light is live at all times, even when "off". So when running at low loads your stretching the electronics to there lower limits which they are not designed to work to.

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