Growatt solar inverter/controller - anyone doing anything with their API?

Thinking to install Growatt solar. They have a cloud API. Anyone with any experience?

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I'd be interested in this too. I'm not sure whether they have a local interface as well. Seems like they would, although it may only be available over Bluetooth. Hmmm. I have an inverter on order, so the idea of being able to access it from hubitat would definitely be interesting.


I did spot a python integration but I assumed it was using the cloud API. Didn't see anything about a local integration in my searches but maybe it's possible!

Did you end up getting anywhere with the Growatt API??

No. Didn’t buy the system yet so no need. But still interested in it for when/if I do. Do you have a Growatt system?

I ended up buying one, but the panels are on the pallet in the yard, and the Growatt is still in its' box. . I still need to get a battery, a mount, and actually do the work to install the stuff. Might be awhile. LOL


Yes. I have a 10kw growatt inverter.
Right now, I just look at the Web ui for the data.
But would ultimately like to pull the data in to HE or node red to graph

Should be possible. There is a published API.

Hi, I'm making use of the API via python. Shout if this thread is still open / still interested.

Yes, interested!

i explain how to get up and running on another thread / forum:

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Thanks for the link.
I will take a look

Thanks. I ended up getting a Huawei inverter system in the end so a similar but different challenge :grin: