Groups with Different Types

I have 4 bulbs in a group:
2 x Sengled Color Plus (Standard Driver)
2 x eWeLight ZB-CL01 (Generic Advanced RGBW Driver)

When changing group parameters, only the eWeLight bulbs respond to the changes. I guess I've never made a group with different-type bulbs in it before, but I would think that group members should respond to the parameters that they have in common, right? Am I missing something obvious?

Yes, though there are also options now to make less-capable devices respond in some way to more-capable commands (e.g., it could make setLevel() at least turn on an on/off-only switch, as this command traditionally also turns on a device that is off--but a plain switch won't support it, so this solves the issue of what to do if they're in a group).

So, the questions that may help answer this: what drivers are your devices using, do they work indivudally as expected from the device detail page, what command(s) are you sending to the group that don't work, and how is the group (the app, not device this time) configured? It sounds like all of your devices are RGBW, so off hand I don't see what the issue could be since it doesn't sound like the above.

Drivers listed in original post

Yeah, they do work individually as expected. All parameters work/respond when controlling individually, but none work as a group (using built-in Ground & Scenes app). The group only controls the eWeLight units.

I meant specifically; "standard drive" is not the name of a built-in driver, and occasionally, the wrong built-in driver is chosen on pairing anyway (though it should be correct). There are a few other questions in the post that would be good to know, too.

Also, when testing manually from the device detail page, I suggest trying a few times on different occasions to rule out luck (good or bad)--same with the group. A 100% reproducible problem may be different from an occasional one.

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