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I got excited and moved all my groups (mostly room centric) to room lighting. But they seem to work inconsistently. In my earlier setting I had button controllers for 2, 3, 4 way switches (inovelli) on top of groups. With the move to room lighting, can I assume I do not need the button controllers as well? Is the existence of "orphan" button controllers why I may be seeing inconsistent behavior - switches turn on and lights remain off - I have to force the lights on (separately) to get things to desired outcome.

In this setup, I have 3 switches in different parts of the hallway and three lights they collectively control. When any of the switches is turned on/off, I want all switches and lights to turn on/off. The lights are independently controllable (for dimming). I have intentionally turned "off" "off" for the lights in this table. Is this right? Switches are zwave. Can lights are zigbee.

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You should not be using the switches controlled by the app as Means to Activate. That is circular, and bound to mess up.

@bravenel - Is it best for me to use a group or button control to manage shared-fate switches like the 3 or 4 way setups using inovelli zwave switches?

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