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The documetation has the comment below, but im confused by what will happen with the turn off command, will it effectivly revert every device or toggle ?
Also if im using it for a scenes (like in ST) how would i reset it? in ST i have modes triger a scene as my away and night setting are very similar so have the common (off stuff) all in on scene.

It says

Activating a Scene

Once your scene has been captured, you activate using the Scene Activator device, which can be used used with Hubitat™ Simple Lighting, Motion Lighting, Button Controller, Rule Machine®, Hubitat™ Dashboard, or with Alexa and Google Assistant. If the Scene Activator device is turned off, all of the member devices are turned off. If you don't want this to happen, use the Ignore activate switch off feature describe in Step 7 .

No, if you have Ignore activate switch off nothing changes at all when the scene device is turned off. The system just ignored that, hence the name of the setting.

Neither. It will turn off all devices involved in the scene (which since the scene turns them on is I guess kind of "toggling" here but not how I'd think about it). It will not revert them to previous state (unless that state was off, but again, not how I'd think about this).

That is, unless you turned that option on. Then nothing at all will happen (except the scene's switch state becoming off).

What is the "it" that you're using? I'm not sure I understand this question. Do you want to capture some light states, activate a scene, then restore to the previous state? You can do this in Rule Machine but may find it daunting. You can also create a "dummy scene" you don't use for anything besides holding some previous state (you'd need to have the same bulbs selected), as a scene can optionally be created with a "capture device" you can activate to captured current settings into that scene, my idea being that you could then restore that scene later.

the plan (hub still not arived, 4 days in the counrty) and ho i use it in ST, one scene contains all my away/night (common) actions (eg alarm on, setting thermostats, swithcing stuff off) and revers my im home/good morning (common), these would be triggerd as part of a mode change event.

the curiosity was what would happen if the scene switch was turned off without the Ignore activate switch off setting above being switched

and how/best way to turn the scene off ready for next use.

The scene device will automatically turn itself off when the devices within the scene no longer match the settings of the scene. I have two scenes for my office. Night and Day. When I want the day configuration, i turn on the day scene and it stays on as long as all the lights within that scene match the settings of the scene. When I want the night scene, even if the day scene is on, i can just turn on the night scene and the lights change to that setting. The day scene switch automatically turns itself off, allowing me to re-activate that scene by turning that scene on again.

If I want to turn all the lights off, i simply turn the lights off, either through a rule or a button controller. If all the lights in the room are off, both scenes are off.

If you have "Ignore Activate Switch Off" can turn off an active scene to turn the lights in that room off. But when the scene device switches itself off when the settings don't match, the lights do not go off. That only happens when you turn the switch off yourself.

In one room of the house, the kitchen, rather than use the scene switches to turn off the lights, i have created a separate scene call "off" that i turn off to turn the lights off and remains on as long as the lights are off. This way I know the state of all the lights and can cycle through all 5 scenes for that room, including off, much easier.

This also allows you to know what scene is active for any room. The scene device that matches will be On.

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Thanks for the clarification on how it works and set up tips

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So you turn off to turn lights off, and once there all off the "all lights off" switch is on?
Cool way of using it

Well, no...with the Off scene, i activate the scene and the switch turns on, turning the lights off. It will momentarily turn off again, because the lights are not all off but as soon as they are, the Off scene device will be On. Makes it easier so i can turn off all the lights in any of my kitchen scenes with one touch.

Scenes is no reliable for me, sometimes it does everything correct, sometime dont. Hope it gets improve.

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