Grouping Sensors

Hi guys, please let me know if I posted this in the wrong place.

So basically I'm looking to see if it's possible to set a few sensors into one group on the dashboard so that I could group all my window sensors in one room into one tile that says of they're all open or closed (e.g if one is open it says insecure, etc)

Any help would be appreciated!

If Super Tiles ever comes back, that would be a great option. In the meantime, Snapshot should also be able to do this. Both are custom apps. If you're opposed to custom code, you could also consider halving/quartering (or more) your usual dashboard tile size, making all of them that much larger (effectively the same size in the end), then using the smallest size for your desired devices only, though for more than a few devices that probably won't work well.


You could create a virtual contact sensor, then using Rule Machine, set up a rule so that if one of your real sensors opens, a custom action changes your virtual sensor to open. If all of the sensors you grouped are closed, the virtual sensor is set to closed. The virtual sensor is the one you'd want to put on the dashboard.


I have done the same with virtual contacts for sensors on two floors. Works perfectly.
In one glance you can see if all windows/doors are closed.
I also added a notification when status is set to Away.

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