Group Qubino Shutter Relays - Alexa?

I have setup several qubino shutter controls (working pretty well so far).

Two of them control shades that are in the same room that I would like to be able to control as a group. I used the groups and scenes app to create a dimmer group and assigned the two shades to that group. Using that device group I can open and close them BUT it’s BACKWARDS. or seems backwards. Selecting “ON” in the device group opens them - “Off” closes them.

That seems the opposite of what I’d expect.

If i go into the component devices and select open or closed, they do what they should. However, if i choose “On” they open and “Off” closes them. Is this how the driver is supposed to work?

In some ways its not that big a deal, except that my next step here was going to enable these shades in Alexa and I suspect it will end up being backwards.

Hmm, nevermind! seems like you can’t add shutter controls to alexa?

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