Group Bulb Dimmer vs Group Bulb Dimmer-2.1

Any have an idea what the difference is between a device type "Group Bulb Dimmer" vs "Group Bulb Dimmer-2.1"

A quick search on "Group Bulb Dimmer-2.1" didn't come up with hits...


The Group Bulb Dimmer-2.1 is used by Group-2.1. There were changes made in the way the virtual device interacts with the app, that necessitated a different driver. These changes were needed to support the enhanced indicator functionality of Group 2.1 vs Group 2.0.

I updated to the latest Hubitat version today, and got the errors below which made me investigate...

Is there a need, or any point, to upgrade from Group (2.0) to Group 2.1?
If so, what would the benefits be?


PS I am using Group Bulb Dimmer (Group 2.0)

Group 2.1 has less overhead and responds more quickly for me, especially with larger groups of lights (zigbee in my case). I upgraded all of my groups and am very happy with the improvement. Just sharing my experience in case it helps.