Group Association Best Practice

Note: I found my answer on the Inovelli forums. Their recommendation is to use Master / Slave approach to Group associations. Having the second switch sending back to the first switch will cause the race condition.

It's been a while since I had to do a group association. The last was over 3 years ago on a Vera. If one is trying to create a simulated 3-way association:

Switch 1 - Address 40 - Group 2 Association: 41
Switch 2 - Address 41 - Group 2 Association: Blank

This will provide the ability for Switch 1 to send events to Switch 2.

If one does this:

Switch 1 - Address 40 - Group 2 Association: 41
Switch 2 - Address 41 - Group 2 Association: 40

Would this cause a race condition between the devices ? Or is group association built to not create race conditions. Am I overthinking how this is supposed to work?

If you associate them with each other it will create a looping effect where they keep sending the command to each other. What you have to do is adjust a parameter on the devices (parameter 4 on the switch and 12 on the dimmer). You want to set it so it doesn't send the command when it receives a command via the network. Only send it when physically pressed. It can't distinguish if it received the command via association or from the hub.

Once you adjust that then you set group 2 (3 and 4 on a dimmer) on each switch to point to each other and you have a 3 way association.

I've been using this with 2 dimmers on my stairway for over a year now with no issues. The dimmer level and on/off state stay in sync and its very fast. Almost instant.

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i don't understand why everyone wants to use this only with inovelli
i have installed the app and trying to use it on an aetoec nano switch and aeotec dual switch.
From my understandings i need to edit the driver but i cant' seem to find the source code of these official hubitat driver nor what to add more precisely.
i was able to do this very easily in smartthings with a tool.