Group 2.0 update 2.1.4

Group 2.0: Added option for group device to indicate member on/off status.

What does this mean / what does it do?

There is now an option for the group switch to be in the 'on' state if any of the devices contained in the group are 'on'. Previously the group was 'on' only if all the devices in the group were 'on'. (But it doesn't appear to be working. See my next post.)

The new "Use group device to indicate if any members are on?" is not working and I'm getting errors. This is a newly created group and contains Lutron, Z-Wave, and Hue lights.

The errors occurred when controlling the lights either via the group devices or the individual devices.

Thanks. So it isn't just me.

Look like the same issue as: Group Errors in Log after Update with Sengled Bulbs

Looks like there is a very โ€œsimpleโ€ spelling error in the code. Right now it say


I am pretty sure it is meant to be


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This will be corrected in the next hot fix release. Had a version skew on the driver. Commands son() and soff() had been removed from the production driver, but not the development driver.

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@bravenel Fixed in the hot fix. Thanks for making this work!

I'm seeing an error when asking Alexa to set a group of bulbs to "White"

I get the following on the Groups logs:
dev:4202019-08-26 03:52:31.836 am infoBackroom Lamps colorName is Moonlight
dev:4202019-08-26 03:52:31.835 am infoBackroom Lamps colorTemperature was set to 4000

Then in the Bulbs Logs I get:
dev:4192019-08-26 03:52:31.549 am debug[POWER:ON]

So the Color is not passed to the bulbs.

BUT... if I try "Red" I get the folowing in the group logs
dev:4202019-08-26 03:51:46.925 am infoBackroom Lamps level is 100%
dev:4202019-08-26 03:51:46.922 am infoBackroom Lamps saturation is 100%
dev:4202019-08-26 03:51:46.918 am infoBackroom Lamps colorName is Red
dev:4202019-08-26 03:51:46.873 am infoBackroom Lamps hue was set to 0%
dev:4202019-08-26 03:51:46.866 am infoBackroom Lamps colorMode is RGB

and the following in the bulb
dev:4192019-08-26 03:51:47.189 am debug[HSBColor:0,100,100, Dimmer:100, Color:FF000000, Channel:[100, 0, 0, 0], POWER:ON]
dev:4192019-08-26 03:51:46.887 am debugCmd = 0,100,100
dev:4192019-08-26 03:51:46.885 am debugsetHSB - 0,100,100
dev:4192019-08-26 03:51:46.883 am debugHSBColor = [hue:0, saturation:100, level:100]

So this leads me to believe the the CT temperature settings or RGB map for whites are not being sent

This is correct.
Rgb bulbs do not support color temperature commands, so these are not passed from the group driver to these devices.

@mike.maxwell But it should send RGB for white at least 255,255,255 It's not sending the color map. It's just sending power on

well, not sure about that, who's going to send what to whom?
The group bulb is advertising to Alexa as a RGBW device, When alexa sees those capabilities it just sends a set ct command, not a color command, if I recall when ct color names are sent to a device that's just RGB amazon does the translation from ct to hsl and sends that to us (if i remember correctly)

The group device app will not forward any commands that a device won't support, hence you only getting on/off and level ect...

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@mike.maxwell That was the key. I was missing code to catch and convert the ct commands for the wifi bulb. Thanks! Problem solved.

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Thank you Bruce! Finally got around to updating my Hub, Groups are exactly what I need now! Now I can really let go of the Hue interface once and for all. :smile:

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