[Groovy] Lutron Caseta “physical” overriding “digital”?

I have a custom app that controls my lighting levels in various rooms based on motion. I recently upgraded Hubitat to the latest version (I haven’t updated in a while) and the motion lighting stopped working with Lutron. All other devices work. When the app tries to set the level of the Caseta switches, I get 2 logs - one “digital” event (my app setting the level based on motion), then immediately a “physical” event, returning the level to what it was before. This worked fine for years, so I assume something was changed with the drivers. Please help.

For now, I reverted to the old version 221 and it works again. Unless I can resolve this, I may have to stay on this version indefinitely.

Edit: Before I downgraded, I confirmed that running setLevel on any Caseta dimmer is immediately followed by a “physical” event that sets the level back to what it was. So essentially the light cannot be controlled from code.

@bravenel You're the resident lutron expert. Any hints?

which platform versions?
I'm running and I'm not seeing this behavior when setting level via the driver.

can you enable debug logging in your Lutron Telnet driver then post these logs when this happens?

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Sorry, the version I rolled back to was which is the one that works fine. I haven’t updated in a while and and the problem started when I updated to the “latest version” two days ago.

Maybe this weekend I’ll try to upgrade again and do some troubleshooting and get the logs. All I know right now is that the physical event always overrides setLevel digital event. All the hallways in the house have the light normally set at 5%, then when motion is triggered, the go to 100%. But after upgrading, I could see the light brighten just for a fraction of a second, then go back to previous level.

The logs showed “Light was set to 100% [digital]” then immediately “Light was set to 5% [physical]”. The logs in my current version don’t even make this distinction. They just say “Light was set to 100%”.

Please do, we can't do much about this without those

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The fact that there are Physical events also provides some information. Physical events, as defined by Hubitat, are events that do not originate from a Hubitat command. Hubitat monitors the Telnet stream and knows which commands it has sent. That means a Hubitat physical event is ether an actual physical event (pushing a button), or an event that is triggered from a different system.

So you could also open a Telnet session on the bridge and run some tests to see how the commands are received by the Lutron bridge. Maybe the custom app is sending the command in a way/format that the Lutron Bridge does not like.

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