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I switched to Griddy recently for my electricity provider. Overall supposed to be cheaper but the price spikes are huge. Some times over a dollar a kw hr. IFTT apparently has a rule that will send a message through to Hubitat during price spikes. Anyone have experience in setting this up. I habe go control zwave thermostats. Thanks. Mac

These are your choices for HE IFTTT triggers and actions.

Of these, I would choose, a turn on a device for the action, then have that turn on a virtual switch in HE. When that virtual switch turns on, you configure notifier to send your custom message.

Thanks. Will try. What im trying to accomplish is an automatic off for my ac or heat when the price spikes. Then return to on once it drops.

As long as your thermostat supports on/off, that's a simple rule. The condition is the Virtual Switch. The rule is when it's ON, the action for True is to turn the thermostat OFF. And the action for False is to turn the thermostat ON.

I'd just caution you to be careful with a rule like this. Add extra conditions that take into account outside temps. I don't know where you live, but here in Toronto, I would not want the heat to turn off in the Winter no matter what the rates do. So the safer way is to set your thermostat to a lower temp for Heat and a higher temp for A/C.

I'd also add the condition to the rule for mode of the thermostat. Do this as two separate rules, one for Heat and one for A/C. If your thermostat doesn't support Heat/AC modes as rule conditions, then another approach would be to use "Switch to disable rule". Then get @Cobra 's Scheduled Switch and set the switch to disable by time of the year. That should be sufficient protection against frozen pipes.

Of course, if you live in a warm climate the doesn't freeze, this is all academic.

Appreciate the reply. We’re in houston so the completely off wouldn’t cause anything to freeze...but it would get warm! If you’re not famaliar with griddy, its a billing app that charges the exact amount for the electricity as they receive it from the distributor. Most of the energy companies buy power, take an average Of what they expect electricity to cost, then figure out to charge to make a pfofit. Griddy charges exact amounts and make their money off a 10 dollar monthly subscription on average its supposed to be cheaper even including the spikes These spikes arent long. If there is a spike in demand, the providers on the grid spools up another plant, or unit in a plant to meet demand. The spikes ive seem rarely last more than a half hour. .
If you could figure a way to lower consumption during the spikes however then it would be much cheaper compared to standard plans.

So maybe for simplicity i should set up command based on time to make it simpler. When the price spikes, set thermostat off for a half hour, Then resume to what ever setting it was...meaning it just switches back on.
Its certainly worth me taking the time to ti incorporate into the system especially as griddy sends these alerts through ifttt. Thanks.

Written on ipad. Ignore punctuation and spelling please!

Question please. When setting up the virtual device for this. Do i set up aa a switch or zwave thermostat. Thanks

His suggestion was a Virtual Switch.

I wanted to kick this off again.
This week was a terrible week for anyone with Griddy - that didn't modify their energy consumption during the spikes. I have an " all off" command that is triggered when processing spikes over 10c. Luckly Griddy is connected through to IFTTT and so is Hubitat, so thats awesome but i didn't have my pool pump on there nor do i have all of my for the 1st 2 weeks of August - i have a 600 dollar electricity bill. Buyer beware...Griddy is great IF you can reduce consumption on spikes. Some of these spikes lasted for 4 hours and was as high as a dollar a KWH. So - i'm looking for advice on 2 questions. Anyone have any experience with a whole home energy monitor ( like SENSE or AEOTEC and so they connect easily to Hubitat) and 2nd...any thoughts on a high current relay so i can shut down my pool. I believe im on a 30A 220 breaker. Cheers

I have Sense (not connected to Hubitat, but connected to IFTTT). I've had it since 2016. Device identification is hit or miss; however, it has picked up most of my major appliances - HVAC, Oven, Stove, Microwave, Dryer, Dishwasher, Kitchen Fridge/Freezer, and Water Heaters. Has not picked up the washing machine after 2 years.

I use this product to control my water heaters (240V, 30A circuit). The relay within is actually rated at 60A. Has worked well for >4 years. I have the coil plugged into a 120V Leviton z-wave outlet.

I use IoTaWatt for whole home monitoring. Works great, as it can monitor up to 14 Current Transformers (CT). And, you can actually monitor multiple circuits per CT if you're creative. I wrote a simple integration for Hubitat which has been working very well for my needs.

Appreciate that link. Amd its cheaper than the other options i found on amazon. I may just do the pump vs the entire pool comtrol panel. Thanks.

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Afternoon Aaiyar. I was lookg in into options with relays for pumps and wanted to ask a question please.
The solution you note is a dry contact relay, powered by a smart 120v wave or zigbee plug - yes? Turn the power off on the plug, then the relay shuts off.

That got me looking for potentially less expensive options as i have 3 pumps on my pool that i'd like to interrupt when the power spikes. Not certain if you wield be willing to look at this but i found a couple of options that might give me similar functionality but less expensive.

Orbit sells a 2 HP 220 v sprinkler pump relay. Unless im wrong - the relay should work for a pool pump ( i suspect -yes?). 2 of my pumps are less than 2 HP, so a 24v walwort and a smart plug and i think i have a similar solution but cheaper. These sell for 25 bucks each.

The other pump is just under 3 HP but there are other sprinkler pump relays for larger pumps too.

For a little over the price of the unit you have been using, i think i can get all three controlled. I'll need a 24v AC power supply but those are cheap and i have plenty of zigbee plugs.

for what ever reason, when i start googling pool relay, sprinkler relays seem to be the most common, especially in self contained enclosures...plenty of pool relays but that all seem to be replacements ( though im thinking of putting all of this in 1 box if i go that way)

Without too much effort...can you see any reason these scenarios shouldn't work?

id love to convert my entire pool controller to wave but there aren't that many options and they are more than i want to spend!


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