Grant dashboard access to new devices as created

I’m not sure there is one. But the underlying dashboard app either subscribes to a device’s events, or it doesn’t.

So if one has no plan to use a device on the dashboard, it’s best not to include the device in the dashboard app’s settings page.

It would be nice if there were a one-step method to both include the device in the dashboard app’s subscriptions, and add it to the dashboard display itself.

But in my limited understand of how all this stuff works (confirmed somewhat by @thebearmay’s explanation above), that’s not how it was designed. Perhaps it’s not possible for it to function that way without a more fundamental rewrite of how the platform and the dashboard app works.

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I think I understand why that is done as a separate step for granting access to specific devices. But access is different that subscription, isn't it?

Can subscription be done in the front end while keeping access in the back end?

A subscription requires a level of access to the OS event stream (think of it as a filter or net that looks at the entire stream and only pulls out the individual items that match the requested items); so something that needs to be done the back end, and then forwards the results to the frontend.

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