Graber/Somfy/Springs Z-Wave Pleated Shades - Battery Reporting to Dashboard (NOT)

C-7 running

As noted in earlier message, I have paired these shades with the C-7 and I am using the Generic Z-Wave Shade driver. Control is working fine but I recently setup a dashboard to view the battery status of the battery powered devices on this hub. I don't get any value for the shades (graphic).

When I look at the Device page, it doesn't show a Battery value (graphic).

But, if I press the "Refresh" button on the Device page, the Battery value shows up (graphic) !!

Looking at the Events tab, it appears the shades are reporting Battery status periodically . . .

Is there something I can do differently to get the Battery status to show up in the icon on the Dashboard? Is this an issue with the device itself or with the driver? If it's the driver, is it something that could be "fixed" in a future release?


The driver needs to have the battery capability and/or the battery attribute defined (adding the battery capability will generally automatically add the battery attribute at compile). It seems to be generating the event, but not allocating a “permanent” storage location for it.

The generic driver was/is for line powered devices, hence no battery capability.

Could that feature be added to the driver? My shades have an option to run off a wall wart but I am running them all off batteries. I just replaced batteries in two of the shades (the longest length shades) after slightly more than a year so I don't think I will invest in wall warts and trying to hide wires.

I swear I saw battery status on my C-4 hub, but not on the C-7?

I have this very same issue. Another vote for fixing the battery status, please!


@Eric.C.Miller @dale.boyles I wrote a driver to add battery reporting back in July:

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