Got new Cellphone and not showing up in devices

I got a new cellphone and cleared my old one from the Hub but the new one is not showing up in devices

Did you add your phone with the HE app?

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Load the app on new phone, sign into your hubitat account via the HE app. It should then detect your hub, tap it to sign into it, and your phone should be created as a device on the hub


No, I didn't. I'll try going to my tablet and adding my new cellphone that way.

No I didn't. I'll try using my tablet to add my new cellphone to my system.

You cannot use a tablet to add your new cell phone as a Hubitat Mobile Device. You’ll have to install the Hubitat Mobile App on your new cell phone, then open the Hubitat Mobile App on your cell phone, sign in, and then either select an existing “device” on your hub (I.e. the old cell phone’s device) OR let it create a new device (I.e. you’ve already deleted the old device from your hub.)


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