Got hub coming, will it be a C8?

I ordered a Hub a few days ago, and I've received an email today about the release of the new C8 Hub.

What would mine be? I'm guessing the previous hub is called the C7? If I do get the old one, am I going to have issues with Zigbee or Z-Wave range due to not having external antennas?

Any other issues? I'm coming over from Home Assistant.

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I would assume your receipt says which version you have and no issues here with no antenna on my C-7

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I think the question as the previous user pointed out is what did you pay for. The C7 is still available via the website right now for $99 and the new hub is $150.

I would suggest simply opening a case or line of communication with the folks at Hubitat to find out the best way to move forward. If you really want the C8 and don't mind paying the up charge then I feel pretty confident they would be accommodating.

Keep in mind as well the C7 is still a very good hub and even most of the folks like myself that already ordered one will likely keep their C7's in service in some fashion.

I paid $109. When I placed my order, it didn't state a version number, just "Hubitat Elevation UK/IRL version".

I'd happily have paid for the C8 if I'd known. It's arriving tomorrow (accordingly to DHL) so I guess getting the order stopped isn't really possible at this stage. I guess I can start with the C7 then move up to the C8 at a later date.

Unless your property is exceedingly large (over 3000 sq ft) or sprawling (multiple buildings with no repeaters), you will be extremely happy with the C-7.

I have also had no issues with my C7 hub related to range, interference etc. but there are a few other reasons to prefer the C8 hub over the C7.

Unless you ordered after 9pm EST yesterday, it couldn’t have been a C8 you were ordering. I second the suggestion to reach out to the orders team to see what you might be able to work out with them.

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Thanks for the responses folks! As suspected, it's a C7. I'm happy to stick with it for now, although my inital experience hasn't been good compared to HA.

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Out of curiosity can you post a bit more details on the issues you're running into etc? I haven't personally used HA so always curious to know comparisons and feedback (we use it when customers ask us about hubs etc).

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