Got a new C7 for my birthday, Got questions

As it says I got a new C7 version and I want to replace/retire my older system. They both are running the same version of firmware. I was able to upload a saved DB to the C7. No errors. Now for the big question. What is the laziest way to migrate my Zwave and Zigbee devices to the new system? It would suck if I had to go through the whole process of associating them again.


What is the old system you have? A C-4 or a C-5? If it is a C-5, you can use Hub Protection Services to migrate your z-wave devices to the C-7. If it is a C-4, then the only option is to exclude them from the C-4 and pair them to the C-7.

In both cases, all zigbee devices will have to be reset and paired to the C-7. However, they will pair back with their original device-ids and names, making that migration rather facile.


Thanks for the reply I think it is a C4 I've had it for a couple of years, or so it seems. I will look into the hub protection services tho.

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Before you make the transition, on your old hub, do a download of your current database, do a soft reset, then upload the database you saved. This will ensure a clean database. Then do a z-wave repair prior to the migration.


Ok, if you have a C-4, the first post in this thread explains how to do the migration:


Hmm this is a step I definitely missed during my migration.

they recommend it in the instructions

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I can confirm that the original HE I have is a C4

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