Google WIFI Mesh or time to change?

Hello all. I have about 40 devices on my home WIFI network. A few years back I switched to Google WIFI mesh devices, and I like them. Easy to expand and manage the mesh. Okay routing tools, good signal strength.
Now that I'm starting down a path of more centralized automation, I need to set up static IP's for a variety of devices. For example, a TP-Link Kasa plug or switch can't have a static IP, so I have to assign a static per MAC on the router. A bit of a pain, but doable.

However, Google WIFI can ONLY be managed via an app on iphone or android. In the past this has been pretty convenient, but the thought of entering MAC and IP for dozens of devices on a phone screen.... well.... this might be a tipping point.

Choices are
Do it and quit whining.
Put a more manageable router in front of the Google Wifi, and let the assignments pass through.
Go with an entirely different mesh setup.

Advice? and what are you doing?

I have the google Nest mesh system with two points and I love it. I was very surprised how much more reliable it has been vs the ASUS Aimesh system I was using before.

I have a reserved IP address for every device on the network. I do use my Pixelbook to manage it a lot of the time though. It's pretty much the same experience as the phone screen just bigger :slight_smile:

I too have the Google Nest Wifi. Right now I have 70 devices connected and it's rock solid. Tons of streaming going on without issues.

Yes, I really have been impressed with my setup. I have 5 WIFI points, with 4 of the 5 wired, and it has given me no problems whatsoever.

Just cringing at the task of creating IP/MAC address routing tables on a phone screen. Also, no way to back settings up or import/export. That's why I'm considering still using the Mesh devices, but switching routing over to a different device.

I have the GMS and love it. I have 35 or so devices on 3 wired hubs. I can cover the whole property with wifi. Now you guys wanting to add another router to the mix, I could not make this work. Both routers wanted to assign ip addresses and I wasn’t smart enough to get it to work. If you make this work, I would appreciate a heads up on how you did it.

I have 52 devices on my Google WiFi network and 30 of those have static IP addresses. I haven’t had to enter any MAC addresses for any of my devices. I just let DHCP assign an IP address and then change it to what I want. Pretty simple and only takes a few seconds.


Ha! Okay, found the way. Devices, device, settings (...) and “reserve ip” hadn’t looked there. Thank you! This will take minutes.

You know, the google mesh stuff continues to impress.

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FYI this is the same on TP Link Deco as well. The router assigns the IP, but you can lock it in place with Address Reservation.

Works well for me, All of mine are wired and I have great coverage. unfortunately, I've had to turn a bunch of features off like Beam Forming and Seamless Roaming because my Neato D7 will not work with those features enabled.