Google Routines in hubitat

Has anyone found a way to launch Google routines externally? There is allot of stuff hubitat can’t access (ie away mode and nest guard alarm system). I can trigger this stuff with google routines but would like the ability to do it within hubitat. I have coding ability but haven’t seen any way to fire google routines outside of Apple shortcuts. Anybody seen anyway to do this?

Ultimately my goal is virtual button->fire google routine

You can launch them from a spoken command or from a command issued to a "virtual" GH device, like something created through Assistant Relay. But this implementation is touchy. Are you trying to control a device without native HE support but does have GA support? You might want to try searching for different variations of that on the forum here, there are several people who have set it up to do things like that.

Yes basically need to set my nest alarm system and GA supports it but their API doesn't let anyone outside their wall. I know they are updating their API I am hoping they add some support for at least settings the alarm via third party. I may try the virtual GH device. I am trying to use Hubitat for everything possible.

BTW this company reminds me of my old days with SageTV its nice to see owners helping their community and so open to support. So far been more than please with my experience.

As @Ryan780 mentioned, you can use the Google Assistant Relay to issue "Custom Commands" using my driver for the Google Assistant Relay NodeJS server.

Others have used this method successfully to integrate devices into Hubitat that are only controllable via Google Assistant. You simply need to prefix your command with "[CC]". For example, you would simply issue a "Speak" command to the assistant-relay device in the form of "[CC]Turn on Alarm" (or whatever voice command you would normally issue to a Google Home device.)

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How fast a response time do you see with this method? A second or two? I point this out because you wouldn't want to do it for say, a light you want to control with motion. But if you wanted to say, initiate a cleaning cycle with your robot vacuum, it would be plenty fast enough.

Thanks I will look at it tomorrow. Delays don’t really matter just as long as I can shutdown the house through hubitat is my goal.

Thanks again!

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You should be please with Google Assistant Relay. I used if for a number of things. Some are not that fast, but that's not google, it's the receiving end. For example, I use it for my August lock. That can take a good 10-15 seconds to respond sometimes.

However I also use it for triggering virtual switches on SmartThings, that then trigger Alexa to speak phrases. My doors are announced and the response time is around 4 seconds. Sometimes it surprises me and it's just 2 seconds!