Google Nest Mini

So I’m thinking of purchasing a google nest mini for TTS.

With all the recent changes google has done, is this feature still working?

I have one. With the Chromecast Integration (Beta) device driver, it works okay. I have sometimes had it not respond, but going to the device page and initializing and refreshing it restores the function. However, those have been quite rare since I put the speaker on an UPS. Also, I reserved an IP address for it in my router so it does not change.

I use it to announce mode change, announce when a contact sensor has been open over 1/2 hour and arming/disarming mainly. I have other announcements that are set, but they would only happen if something like the CO or Smoke alarm went off or an alarm were triggered.

p.s. I have the microphone turned off because I want it for a speaker. I don't want it listening to me. I value my privacy. I got it for no cost because I have been with Google Fi for my phone service and it was an offer that was hard to refuse.

They work well for me. I have it announce when the garage door has been opened / closed, if a water leak sensor has been triggered (and what sensor it came from … I have 12). Also, because there are several tasks you can't automate with Amazon Alexa, I use Chromecast TTS to "tell" Alexa what to do!

  • Alexa Guard can enable with Geofence, but cannot disable. I have a rule set up that when I enter an area near home (triggered by a virtual presence switch) that a Google Home says "Alexa, disable Guard mode" Works like a charm!

  • I have a sleep sequence set up where I want my bedroom echo show to play rain sounds to "lull" me to sleep, but you can't automate a sleep timer or shut off the screen. In this scenario, after my "good night" Alexa routine runs, I have a Google Mini tell "Alexa, set a 15 minute sleep timer" and "Alexa, screen off" .. this works great as well.


I have an Alexa, but the way I have TTS working isn't correct really.

I have routines setup to say something once a virtual contact sensor opens.

I rather do this work under the hub.

I'm thinking of picking one up and selling my Alexa Echo Dot.