Google Nest 7", Nest Indoor Wired Cam, & two C by GE bulbs for sale

Relative who heard I was into home automation was nice enough to send me some well intended gifts that I really don't need... :slight_smile: All is new/unopened.

Google Nest 7" hub 2nd Gen - looks like it's going for about $59 on most sites. Surprise bonus - Nest Hub 2nd gen can serve as a Thread border router for your future of HA activities. :slight_smile:

Indoor Nest Camera Wired, 2nd Gen - Amazon has for $99

C by GE Tunable White Direct Connect bulbs (2-pack) - Looks like about $14 online.

So combined retail is around $175. I'd like to get them all sold together. Shipping is from SoCal.

$145 for all of it (shipping included) to continental US,

And if any of you is one of my relatives...shhhhh. :wink: