Google Mini Errors

I am getting the following errors in the log when I try to Initialize and Refresh the Mini. There are a ton of things in it's Q that have not been run.

2019-05-03 05:23:02.831 pm No route to host (Host unreachable) (initialize)

dev:11602019-05-03 05:23:02.556 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method getStatus() on null object (refresh)

dev:11602019-05-03 05:22:59.803 pm infoTTS Q cleared...

dev:11602019-05-03 05:22:59.798 pm debuginitialize...

And I suppose you have static IP on the minis, correct?

No but I do have a DHCP reservation in the modem though for all of them. Do I need to make them all static IP's?

Reservation is fine, double check them, the hub too.

Hub is there and all 4 mini's are there in the reservations.

I think he meant to double check that your ip reservations match the ip addresses displayed on the minis device pages.

@vjv They do not have the same IP address in the reservations as they do in their device pages. I assume I need to change them in the reservations to match the ones in their device pages? Yes?

Yes, each should have the same IP in the reservation and the device in HE

@vjv So a stupid question, how do I know which mini is what? Is there a way to match the network ID to the mac address which the modem has as a reference?

I've rerun the google home configuration again (re-searched devices without adding or deleting any) and it seems to help. And then send it a speech from the device page to get the connection started again. May or may not help. Still a bit beta.

Try this

@vjv, @AndyM That seemed to clear everything out and did re-assign the mini's to the same IP as in the modem. They are all talking again! Now that I know which Network ID matches which MAC address I can fix it easier if it happens again, which it probably will!
Thanks guys!


Out of curiosity, did your speaker start saying whole bunches of crap that was queued? Mine often do when something goes awry. I wish they would just drop the queue versus saying "door locked" "door unlocked" fifty times.

@AndyM No it seemed to clear the Q so they were all gone.