Google Hub not speaking

Hi all
I have the below action and the volume set is going through but not the message. It was working a few days ago. How can I determine where the fault lies? Log just shows hub volume changing. Action does log the push attempt though.
Thanks for any help.

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GH devices are known to fail time by time when using the Chromecast Beta app (which sadly has been beta for way too long). I've found adding the "Chromecast Helper" app with a ping setting of 4 minutes helps to keep them connected. Also you can normally reconnect them manually by typing some text into the box on the device page and sending it, after which it should start working again and speak whatever is in the queue.


Thanks. I'll give that a try


Have your GH announcements been reliable since you posted this? Did adding the Google Home Helper resolve your issues?

I'm coming from ST using WebCore and Google Asst Relay, and getting GH announcements when things happen (or don't) as expected is a key part of my automations that I need to to enable using Hubitat (C7 on the way to me now).


To be honest, i was having so many issues with the repeating command never stopping that I paused the rule and haven't had the time to investigate and fix it. I do have another rule that is set to announce through speakers but that one doesn't always work either and, again, just haven't had the time to dedicate to finding out why..... This doesn't sound good for my rule making :stuck_out_tongue: but they do usually work after a restart but then stop so not sure if it's Google or something wrong with the rule.
Sorry, not much help

If you still have GAR running, you can use it with Hubitat as well. I believe you’ll get more reliable performance using GAR versus the built-in Chromecast integration.

Here is a driver that may help.

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I use GH only for Announcements. The Mic is 'permanently' off. I was also seeing occasional loss of GH messages and wondered why.

I have a very small Node-Red instance running and I augmented my Hubitat use with a flow. What I've learned is that the node will often show a red dot along with error messages.

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 11.19.20 AM

Most of the time the dot under the Blue Google Home node is green, as shown, but even then, the logs show all those fails.

My point is.. both Hubitat and Node-Red have similar levels of mystery fails. Common denominator?? Google. That's where I'm assuming the problem exists. :smiley:

I use GH only for Announcements...

My point is.. both Hubitat and Node-Red have similar levels of mystery fails. Common denominator?? Google. That's where I'm assuming the problem exists.

@csteele - Are you referring to announcements via GAR, or ?

I find GAR (w/SmartThings) to be boringly reliable, I don't have failed announcements (though my family wishes I did). :wink: I'd think that if there was something basic broken w/GH related to announcements that it would affect me as well...any thoughts on that? Or am I missing your point?

I'm very curious about this generally as announcements are important to me and are some of my most useful automations. As I look to move to Hubitat I'm getting more concerned that this is a weak point in HE that I'm not facing in ST. I know I can keep running ST w/GAR along-side HE, but I generally would prefer to avoid a dual-system setup, and don't want to depend on ST not throwing wrenches w/their upcoming platform changes.

I've never used GAR.

I have a single Google Home in the center of the house and it plays sounds... mostly for doors opening and closing.

Right now, 80+% of my announcements are created via Node-Red. I hear alot of delays in the sounds. Door opens, supposed to be a tone. Door closes, a different tone. There's occasionally a delay. I can make it through a door and have it close (thus blocking my ability to hear the tone) and yet when I come back in, the tones are pretty quick. Since those come via Node-Red and have nothing to do with Hubitat, I've had to lower my suspicion of Hubitat's Chromecast app.

I chose to add the Google Home castv2-sender to Node-Red hoping it would be superior.. it's about the same I'd say.

Apparently I LOVE multi hub solutions. :smiley:

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 8.29.46 PM


After reading your post I realized I don't use any time sensitive alerts on my google home, they are all delayed mainly to remind users if something is left open so we don't have animals escape and so the cat doesn't have the door to his litter box shut.

I do ocassionally have to initialize the google home in the driver, even though I run chromecast helper.

@csteele, thanks for the details, appreciate the additional background. Looks like you need a 12-Step program for Hub addiction... :wink:


No.. I just need MORE Hubs. :smiley: I can quit anytime I want.