Google Home - Zigbee Sylvania Color Bulb not compatible?

I have recently installed the SYLVANIA Smart + RGBW bulb and the Smart + LED RGBW strip.

I am using the Generic Zigbee RGBW bulb and strip drivers.

I added them to Google Home app and got this error message re. the Bulb:

I did not get the same or any error on the strip.

I do not understand why this will not work. Can someone shed a little light on this? I want to voice control these two devices.


Make sure both devices work correctly using the driver page before adding them to GH.
For both devices do a setLevel, a setColorTemperature and setColor.

These states should be set when the device is installed, but if they aren't GH has a minifit...

I have not added them yet. The issues I am seeing are all actions taken on the strip and bulb device pages.


You did add them, the warning you posted is from the GH app after selecting devices then done...

Sorry, getting confused with all of the issues with this bulb.

Yes, but after the error it removed the bulb automatically. I then removed the strip.

I am working on the other issues with this bulb. Once those are fixed will try again with GH.


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