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it will be this, mine was my blind of all things, was sending things haywire.
Open the logs when you click save and it will tell you the ones its dumping because they don't work. Then you will need to work though the ones that slip though.


Hello new Hubitat user here. I have been skimming the forums, and if this is posted somewhere, please point in the right direction.

I am looking for how to change speeds on my Hampton Bay ceiling fan with google voice control. I can do the light as google sees the light of the fan but not the fan side of it. I have tried setting different modes and the mode will change but not change the speed of the fan.
I am using IFTTT applets to link to google and Hubitat on these commands. But no luck.


Recently the HE changed the way they treat fan drivers and it affected the Google integration. HE now passes fans only as switches using a fan driver. I'm not sure if that is something they are planning on changing or if it is going to remain this way for a while.

The workaround is to choose a dimmer device type for your fan instead of using one of the fan device types. If you set a different device type (driver) that supports setLevel then Google will treat it like a dimmer and you can control the level from Google by saying "Set the [device] to [percentage] percent". You may have to experiment a bit with the dimmer drivers to find one that works with your fan.

Unfortunately, there hasn't been an official statement from HE that I've seen about whether or not they are going to update the Google integration to implement the actual fan device or not. I think it was an unintended side effect of the fan improvements they made in 2.0.9. If I had to guess they are going to change it but it hasn't happened yet.


I recently moved to a mutliple HE hub setup.

How do I move my google home app from one HE to another? I did a backup /restore to the new device, but it's not working.......(the google linking).


Google isn't properly removing old Hubitat linked accounts. Try the above and see if that helps.


This tip should be pined!
It just solved all my issues :slight_smile:


You can mark it as "Solution" and that will help others find it.


Can the google home app be tied to two hubs? Different devices on each hub?


No, you can only connect to one hub. But you can use Hub Connect to sync the devices from one hub to the other.


That's the problem. Google Home isn't recognizing hubconnect RGB bulbs...


I got around this by putting each hubconnect bulb in it's own light group on the 2nd hub. Then linking the group with google. Messy but works.


Will it let you add the HubConnect passed RGB bulbs to the Google Home integration at all (and they just don't work on command), or does the Google Home integration reject/eject the devices from the list when you try to add them?


this one

Thanks for the work around! Is the stub driver just missing something?


That is my suspicion. I had the same thing with thermostats until @mike.maxwell told me what was missing.

Mike, are there specific states that need to be present on a driver for Google Home to accept RGB bulb devices (similar to prior discussions around states required for thermostat devices to not be rejected)?

Also, would it be possible for the in-box Google Home integration to log an error on what is missing when a device is rejected? Then we could figure out / fix these things ourselves without bugging you. I know you are super busy.


If I remember correctly, you can select them in the integration, then they get kicked out later when google rejects them.

I'm using the rgb stub that goes with it. I assume it isnt passing some attribute google wants. I didn't take much(any) time to determine what that was.


it should be switch, level, hue and saturation


Well...I'm not going to argue with @mike.maxwell because I'm sure he's correct on the format. So I'm guessing there is a "correct" way to do this and a "It works way".

However, I did just try to see if there was a capability that GH was looking for so I added the below to the Hubconnect stub driver.

    //added these for GH testing
    capability "ChangeLevel"
    capability "Light"
    capability "ColorMode" 

and lo and behold it's working now! Can not tell you for sure which one did it but I duplicated them from another working RGB driver.


Thanks. The HubConnect RGB bulb driver has all of those in there, but not until you do at least an initial setColor.

I don't have any RGB bulbs, but I'll set something up later and see if I can see anything further.


Which is what I thought and I made sure to set everything at least once. Hue/color/etc.


so maybe it was a missing capability, not missing State... I wasn't aware that Google Home integration also required specifics capabilities to be present.

Is that right @mike.maxwell?