Google home support


Wow... I just read every post in this thread.... All 220 of them.
I have to admit, I feel like an old man.... an old man who is the only old man at the bar, and I am buck nekkid and being laughed at.... The reason I feel the way I do is because almost every person that participated in this thread (besides the nekkid old man at the bar) walks on (the ability to write and understand code) body of water that I can only view from the lone the end of the bar.... Where I stand nekkid..... still.

I had really hoped that in my 45 minutes of reading this thread, I would stumble across the instructions that would allow me to speak these words into my Android phone, and have it turn on the lights in my kitchen: "hey google, kitchen lights on, 35 percent".....

Alas..... Here I stand, at the end of the bar, sadly looking out of the lone window, at a glorious body of water, where a gaggle of google coders, are gleefully frolicking with nekkid super models, while I stand here, with what I thought was the cool kid craft beer of the day.......thinking I was somehow....someway, going to fit in...... If I could only find my pants.

Beyond that, I also feel like perhaps I made a mistake buying into the Hubitat concept... I thought I was pretty hip slick and cool......Up until today...


Can anyone help me figure out how to teach my new hubitat how to turn on my kitchen lights by speaking into my google based Android "smart" phone? After all, I was hip slick and cool enough to figure out how to get google home installed...... AFTER I spent 4 hours trying to figure out what my login name was........


Have you installed the app and logged into GH in hubitat?


@mcneelyworld, I feel your pain. This thread is probably not the best for getting your Google Assistant to work with Hubitat. Take a look at this Wiki page and see if it helps. Post back here with questions if the Wiki does not make sense.


This gave me a pretty good laugh this morning.
It sounds like you have your lights added into the Google Home app already.
Where is your hold-up?

You just don't know the right phrases to say to the Google Home?
My brain wasn't working this morning and I have the Google Home Hub, so I just swiped down from the main screen, tapped View Rooms, slid down to Triggers, and tapped the Kids Goodnight trigger off.
The Google Home Hub has a screen so it's nice when you can't think of the right words to say to get your house to do your bidding.

We're no water walkers, and glad to help, wherever you are in your journey.


Not really sure why, but my account is now dvassist. I am the nekkid guy at the end of the

Anyway, I have read that wiki and that is how I got google home installed yesterday.

I can control my lights from within the google home app on my phone by rotating the dimmer on screen, but I cannot say "hey google, turn on kitchen lights" ....

What I get is a reply from google girl "it looks like those lights have not been set up yet"

Doing some searching around and coming up short on how to set up google assistant with google home, or rather how to set up the lights to work with voice control from my phone.

I was most certainly not trying to insult anyone with the water walker comment....but I do view people that can write code as water walkers....... mainly because I need floaties.....


Haha I took no offence by it.
I've only had an android phone for a brief 6 months a few years ago.

What type of phone do you have?
I have a feeling maybe the true Google Assistant isn't setup as the default voice control for your phone.


I am an iOS user like Keith, so my advice might not be too useful on Android.

Do you have the "Google Assistant" app installed on your phone? On iOS, I can type or speak a command into the Google Assistant App (not the Google Home app) and it behaves the same as when I speak a command to a physical Google Home device (e.g. mini, nub, etc...) Have you tried that yet? If that works, then as Keith mentioned, your phone may not be configured to use Google Assistant as its voice control.


Turn all of the lights off except the one light that you are trying to control (leave it on) and ask your she-Google what lights are turned on. That should give you an idea of what the name of the light she is looking for. You can also give each light a nickname if you don't like the name that Hubitat shared to Doogle.


Thanks guys.
Yes I have google assistant installed on my Samsung S7 Edge. When I open GA and speak anything, she replies. I do not have any other google peripherals in the house, so my phone is my interface at this point. Now, whether google assistant is indeed my default voice app, is something I am not entirely sure of, but it does respond to my voice.

For clarification purposes, the reason I jumped into hubitat was because of the local control aspect. I am by nature, very distrustful of big tech. My dream is to learn my way around this (hubitat) environment and get to the point where I understand enough to implement local voice control through things like Snips for example... In my wildly obsessive imagination, I would have a few Rapsberry Pi's sprinkled around the house listening and waiting for me to say things like "good morning, boil water, tv on, show alerts only" and have hubitat fire up my tea pot, turn on my tv and go straight to the alerts tab in blue iris so I can see if there were any coyotes lurking around trying to snipe one of my cats in the middle of the night.

I know that is probably a few days away for a guy that requires floaties, but one can dream right?

In the mean time, I really need to reach a milestone in order for me to feel a sense of accomplishment, however mundane, and today, the panacea would be for me to speak these words into my phone: "kitchen lights on, 35%" which would result in my kitchen lights turning on and setting the brightness to 35%, using google home and google assistant.

@codahq, that results in she-goolag returning "it looks like those lights haven't been set up yet"


I may know the reason, have you gone though the GH app and added them each to a room?


So, what it was, was the fog of war.....
The war between me, myself and I......

On one battlefront, I am the smartest guy in the room....just ask me, I will be more than happy to tell you so.
On another battlefront, I am pretty dang smart, but far from the smartest guy in the room, and I will happily tell you that if you ask me.
On the final battlefront, I am nowhere near as smart as I think I am, nor as smart as my other personas think they (I) are..... Again, if you ask ME that, I will happily tell you just how lame I can be sometimes.... No shame here...

So, to anyone else who may stumble across this thread, don't be like me.....NONE of me.

Note to self.....

When downloading and installing Google Home on your primary google account, do NOT then go back later and install Google Assistant from your secondary Google account, particularly if you log into the latter with your secondary account, and expect the primary (google home) to communicate with your secondary (google assistant) AND expect them to play nice together with your Hubitat...


I was logged into my primary gmail account on my phone, because that is the gmail account associated with my phone (duh), HOWEVER, I installed the Hubitat with a gmail account that is NOT my primary gmail account, but that is the gmail account my other so called smart devices use so that my family can download apps from the play store without having to switch accounts back and forth, which in my experience adds significantly to the confusion...... you know.... of smart devices.

Google Assistant and Google Home were on separate accounts and would not communicate with each other...... All is right with the world now, and I have not stopped talking to my smart light switches for hours....... Yes.... I am that easily entertained.


I was wondering if you were having issues with multiple accounts.
Glad things are looking up!
We're always here, just ask.


Hey thank you so much Keith.... Thus begins my journey.... I am engaged now. Learning slowly, but enthusiastic indeed.

If you are at all familiar with non-cloud voice command stuff and are engaged in that madness, I would GENUINELY love to see what you have cooking.... Any links or references would be amazing.

The google stuff is (hopefully) temporary, as I would like to end up nearly 100% disengaged from cloud based services..... I know I have a long way to go, but would like to end up there some day...

Thanks for the help man!


No problem.
No qualms with Google living under my roof.
I've heard of one cloud free voice platform that works with Home Assistant, but I don't remember what it was called.


I have this exact issue, mode change occurs fine based off of the google Home routine but Google responds with "couldnt change mode or something like that"
I also get this in the Hubitat logs:
executeCmd- java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'online' on null object


Just use a virtual switch that's paired to Google Home. Or use IFTTT to set up a simple voice command to change the mode in HE.


Can Google Home support more than one Hub?


Is the integration working between Hubitat and Google home? I seem to get connection error after clicking authorize from Google home. Reset phone, tried many things, cannot connect it to Google home. Just me?


Mine was working fine when I was last home. :blush:
Check your using the same account as per post above.


Account is right. I got it to work by selecting just one device to authorize however when selecting all or a lot of my devices, it fails. Not sure if it's some kind of threshold limit or one bad device. Will take a while to link and unlink to find out