Google Home not connecting

Brand new user already fed up.

Trying to do something simple by adding Google Home as shown in the step-by-step, but I never get the chance to choose my hub.

Just keep getting this:

Couldn't update the setting. Check your connection.

I see Hubitat listed as authorized 3rd-party app in my Google Security profile. I've tried removing and retrying to no avail.


One thing to check is that the Google account you use for Google Home matches the account you registered your hub with (almost always a gotcha).

Ugh. That's gotta be it. Now I've got some things to consider I guess.
Thanks for the answer.

See? Two accounts. :laughing:

Maybe an admin can merge them for me on this board to tidy things up?

My bad. :grimacing:

I managed to get to the section where I can select my hub somehow, but after choosing my hub's name, I received the following error.

The parameter "state" must be set in the query string.

Am I getting closer?

Well, somehow I got the app connected.
Not sure how though.

Sometimes there a delay, and then it just works :man_shrugging:
Google Assistant is fast once you get it setup, but the authorization step is always a bit odd in how it progresses. Sometime you have to delete your home in the Google Home app as well.