Google home mini, cheap

I saw on YouTube a couple weeks back about Walmart having a clearance on the Google home mini/Chromecast bundle. Well we checked at all the stores that said they might have stock but it was gone.

But I noticed they had some Google home mini available online for shipping to home. A 2 pack listed at $58, single for $28, then a special one that comes with a Disney frozen story book for $29. Well when you look at your local store the prices are clearanced at $11, $5 & $5 respectively.

So I went and bought 3, totaled $87 + tax (got the 2 pack and one with frozen) and got free shipping.

Both showed up today, returned to the local store and bought them back in store for $16+ tax. I could have saved $1 buying two single packs, but didn't want to have to many items and possibly have someone give a headache for the return/buyback.

Just have to check your local area pricing since are not listed as low from what I've seen, but if they are it doesn't take to long in store to do it, just don't wait to long there's some 5 day policy they have with electronics or something... (My wife did it so I'm not sure exactly what that was about)

There might be others, those are the ones I found are the best that you can still order online, but most local stores are out of stock.

If you have kids, this one is in store only.. our store showed in stock online but none when we went to check.. but if you're there... Worth checking for $5.