Google Home Mini - A great little tts speaker


A question for you guys who have had these for a while..

One thing I've noticed.
If the device has been dormant for a while it plays a couple of notes before speaking..
If it is still awake then it doesn't
Any way to disable this?

It's kinda freaking one of the dogs out :slight_smile:




I believe I read somewhere that there was a plan to enable led/sounds customization coming on near future. Now being Google I take this with a grain of salt.


No way to disable that. Each time a new cast connection is made it makes the connection sound to let you know something new has connected to the speaker.


Any time a device connects to GH to cast to it, it makes the "boink" sound, that's what you are hearing. If the device is already connected and just plays something, no sound. I'm assuming that Hubitat hub disconnects after some period of inactivity, and has to reconnect to play TTS, hence the sound after it's been dormant for awhile.

No way to disable as of today.


For your use, since you don't use the assistant, I suppose you could try making a routine to play a blank sound to it on a schedule to try and keep the chromecast connection open at all times though.


Yeah I have a few Sonos Ones which have Alexa built in. Hence my dilemma. And I use an awesome app to flip switches to turn on canned playlists too. Family favorite actually. The author of that code is pretty brilliant. :wink:


Strongly recommend against this.
Until recently GH/CH were generating a lot of background traffic on a wifi network. This was done through broadcast just to keep the devices alive. This has been now fixed by Google as WIFI performance was severely impacted.


Right but that BUG was fixed, so they don't do that any more... I would say try it, and monitor your wifi traffic...


It's not the end of the world.. the dog will have to get used to it :slight_smile:


You can use it to train your dog :slight_smile:

Like Ivan Pavlov :smile:


Lol. Yeah I have one of the Sonos Ones as well. I'm still waiting...hoping...praying for the GH integration. It was supposed to be my test device for Assistant a year ago. I have it in my Master bathroom and wanted to use it with google because I already have an Alexa at my bedside. When I would shout commands from the shower, the bedside echo would pick up. Sometimes when we were in bed, I would issue a command and the Sonos one in the bathroom would pick up. If the volume was loud on the sonos (almost always), we would have it yelling back responses in the middle of the night.

The ideal scenario would have been Alexa at the bedside and GH in the bathroom. Still waiting though....


Both dogs already jump up when "it's time to feed the dogs"
Or "Billie has arrived home" rings out :slight_smile:


You're gonna wait until I release my app then release it 'built-in' ain't ya?

You have done that to me a few times now.. I know you love doing it! :slight_smile:


That startup sound, which can be disabled on any cast device EXCEPT Google Home is what keeps me from using mine in that way. I’m going to keep on with Echo unless that restriction goes away.

The new auto refresh technique for the cookie sounds promising. There’s also the possibility that Amazon will suddenly just make it simple so we don’t have to jump through hoops.


As long as Google makes it an option. I strongly PREFER the sound.

I want to know if something is connecting to a speaker and getting ready to bark at me, as opposed to random voices speaking in my house.


Well that’s just it. Give me the option on GH, the way that other chromecast device have that option. Don’t force me to listen to it if I don’t want it.


Unfortunately, unless the dog gets used to the sound I have just wasted £200 and will have to find an alternative :frowning:
I've written a nice app though :slight_smile:


Probably end up buying some more sonos.


No returns in the UK? Why can’t you send them back.


Not so much as USA - we need a reason (e.g faulty) unless you bought from Amazon (who take everything back up to 30 days for whatever reason)
Unfortunately they don't sell google (or I would have bought from them)