Google Home Integration Issue

Hey guys! I am new to Hubitat just this past weekend and switched from Wink and the process was way more painless than I thought.

I am relly only having one issue right now.

On Saturday, I completed started the change to hubitat and addded the Google Home integration. Everything was working fine but I added a few more lights and they were not updating in google home. I tried telling google to sync and tried from the HE interface with no success. I then unlinked Hubitat.

When I re-added Hubitat to google home it says 64 devices even though I only have around 40 and when I say okay, Google sync my devices it tells me that only the person that added hubitat can sync devices. I am the one who added it.

It appears as if Google isn't clearing out old devices and its duplicating them. Example I say turn off patio light, it turns it off but then says sorry can't access Hubitat. My thinking was that there was 2 versions of the patio light the new one and the old one that I un-synced....

Last night I ended up just unlinking Hubitat and removing the Google Home built in app from the HE interface to see if just letting it be for 24 hours or so would fix the issue.

Anyone else run into this issue, it has been annoying me all day. Thanks in advance!

After unlinking Google Home and waiting 24 hours I was still having the issue. The solution that worked for me was factory resetting all of my Google Home Mini's and then relinking Hubitat in Google Home.