Google Home Ignoring Lights

I am definitely looking Alexa more than Google these days. Anyway,I have 4 Sengled Element Color Plus small bulbs. Paired without issue and working fine. However, Google is completely ignoring 2 of the 4 Andi cannot figure out why. I've gone into Apps and the bulbs are there but I noticed this morning that when I go back to check again, they are unchecked. Anybody else experiencing this?

Can't say I have used this extensively myself, but I do have a couple of virtual switches setup that I use regularly.

Only suggestions I can make are:

  • Check the logs on the HE hub
  • Check what platform version you are running (I assume the latest given it has been stable for some time)
  • Restart your HE hub
  • Syncing your devices on Google Home
  • Do other devices continue to stay synchronised and working? If you add a virtual switch and add it to the device list for GH, does it stay "connected"

I'm not clear on your original post. Have you gone into the integration app in HE and checked off the bulbs to expose to google?

Yes, I've gone into the HE integration for Google Home & just these 2 bulbs are checked then unchecked when I go back and look. They years are all fine

Is your suggestion to create virtual devices for the 2 lights and add them to Google Home HE app integration?

All I was thinking was to create virtual switches just as a test, to see if other devices you add to the GH app continue to stay connected. Trying to work out if it is your lights that may be the issue, or the GH app or something else....

Ok, got it. All the other lights are fine. These 2 are the only 2 that keep getting unchecked on their own as if Google is ignoring them like it does when things are not compatible with it, for example the z wave extender, the Sengled door sensor, all ignored.