Google Home App rejects devices with custom drivers that include both "ColorControl" and "ColorTemperature" capabilities

I am attempting to use the "Tasmota - Generic RGB/RGBW Controller/Bulb/Dimmer" from @markus with Google Home. The driver works fine with Google home if I have either "ColorTemperature" or "ColorControl" commented out in the driver code. However, if both capabilities are active, the corresponding device gets excluded from the Google Home App in Hubitat after a few minutes.

Does anybody know if this is an issue with the driver, Hubitat, or Google Home itself?


I would post this on the thread where the driver was released so @markus is sure to see it. I have no problem getting devices with both of those attributes to sycn to google home without a problem. Does your device display the current Color Mode as well? That is required in order to get the device to work.

That is good to know, then it is probably the driver, I don’t use Google Home. I’ll check the driver. Any examples of a driver (with available source code) with these capabilities which is known to work?

The ones for CoCo Hue work correctly. But basically, colorMode has to be set to RGB or CT depending on what mode the bulb is in. This is required for all RGBW lights. It's a required attribute for many different implementations, not just google.

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Ok, I’ll have a look at that, it is set, but maybe something else is not right

Can you show a screenshot of the current attributes of the device?

Learned this one the hard way... This is critical for the driver to implement this on any bulb that has both CT and RGB.. It will mess with many features in HE...

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Not only that, but you have to make sure it is displayed with a default also. Many drivers are guilty of not setting this by default on install so the device has to be "flipped around" a bit before it can pair to GH.

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Looking at the driver, there are times this may not be updated and set correctly, I'll update it tomorrow with a fix. Will also make sure to set it in install().

EDIT: @CanuckTech Please try the version from the development branch:

Do you have an example that is 100% local? I do not use any cloud services for IoT, but would love to have something where issues like this would be shown.

Well, first of all, that example is 100% local. It does not use any thing in the cloud.

Second of all, what difference does it make? If the bulb is in CT mode, you have to set it to CT. If it's in RGB mode you have to set it to RGB. It makes absolutely no difference how you talk to the light.

Ok, maybe I need to rephrase that, if it communicates with something that is connected in with the cloud, like Google Home, then no, it is not what I would call a 100% local. Maybe other people would, but that is not my definition. It's ok, I'll find a way to check my compliance.

It just helps in detecting non-compliance, so does bug reports however.

Thank you for your feedback, it helped pinpoint this rapidly.

Your driver doesn't talk to Google Home. It talks to the bulb. Google home has absolutely nothing to do with it. But if you want another app that requires colorMode besides the Google Home integration check RM or Groups or Scenes. All rely on coloMode.

Ok, those work without issues with my driver as it was, at least for me. Anyway, this should be resolved now, if it isn't I'll find the reason.

If they didn't display colorMode, then no, they didn't. They might have looked like they did but I guarantee they didn't. For example, in a scene, the scene app uses color mode to compare the values of the device against the values in the scene to determine if the scene switch should be on or off. Without colormode, it won't know how to do that.

Also, at a platform level, devices that are RGBW are required to have colorMode. So, I guarantee there were errors being thrown in other places.

Ok, it does have ColorMode, just didn’t set it correctly everywhere. That should be fixed now, let’s see.

@CanuckTech Does the new driver work as expected with Google Home?

@markus - Sorry, but I am travelling for business this week and didn't have a chance to test before I left. I will be back home on Sunday and will try then. Thanks for making the changes.

No worries, just curious, I might not be available when you're back, but do let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

I am really sorry for the delayed response. I was away for longer than expected.
Anyways, I tried the current driver that I found in your repository at Hubitat/tasmota-generic-rgb-rgbw-controller-bulb-dimmer-expanded.groovy at release · markus-li/Hubitat · GitHub and tried it again with Google Home. Unfortunately, it still gets rejected by Google Home. Has anybody else tried this?