Google Home App Not Available

I am trying to install the built in Google Home app. But when I click on it in the list of built in apps I get taken to the documentation for the app instead. In the case of other built apps, things seem to work normally.

Don't know what to do!

Follow the steps at that page to enable the Google Home integration, then you will be able to use the app. Until you complete the steps on the documentation you can't use the app.

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Yup! That worked. Thanks.

Feeling a little dumb because I must have done that before. I had recently removed the app and was not trying to re-install it.

Mike M

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I meant to type "now".

Even dumber,

Mike M.

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Please, if that gets you an "even dumber" rating, I'm worried my behavior is going to end up with me getting a super-dooper dumber badge that I really don't want. :slight_smile:

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