Google Home App Log Error

This logs every half second.

errororg.quartz.JobPersistenceException: Couldn't store trigger 'app35Once.getReportStateToken' for 'app35Once.getReportStateToken' job:Unique index or primary key violation: "PRIMARY_KEY_42 ON PUBLIC.QRTZ_SIMPLE_TRIGGERS(SCHED_NAME, TRIGGER_NAME, TRIGGER_GROUP) VALUES ('QuartzScheduler', 'getReportStateToken', 'app35Once', 1)"; SQL statement: INSERT INTO QRTZ_SIMPLE_TRIGGERS (SCHED_NAME, TRIGGER_NAME, TRIGGER_GROUP, REPEAT_COUNT, REPEAT_INTERVAL, TIMES_TRIGGERED) VALUES('QuartzScheduler', ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) [23505-197] on line 247 (method tokenResponse)

I don't think this is a "bug" per se, but rather your hub may be running with a corrupted database. I would run a Soft Reset to see if that fixes the problem:

Doing that helped this old man's heart skip a few beats, but it initially appears to have worked, sans catastrophic side effects. Thank-you!

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