Google Home & Alexa music and neato workaround

Hey all,

I didn't see this suggested in the forms and the solutions I did see, didn't solve a major problem for me, how to have hubitat play spotify on my google homes.

Basically I just put two google minis in a box in a closet and use the native chromecast integration to do TTS on one mini, which tells the other mini what to do. Definitely not an elegant solution, and there is a delay between the TTS and interpretation, but hey, it works (90% of the time). Obv you can use any TTS device as the speaker but the listener must be an alexa or google home.

I also use this workaround to turn on my neato vacuum because, turning it on from google home honors the no go lines, unlike IFTT.

IDK if there is a better solution out there, but this is what I am using.


You may want to look into Assistant Relay

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I remember looking into that. If I remember correctly you can’t play Spotify or podcasts, which was the main reason I was looking for a workaround.

I think you can only play music if it is a local file

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