Google cant reach hubitat right now

hello fellow hubitaters

i cant seem to figure out whats going on right now.

i think it might be my firewall on my router i recently upgraded to a pf-sense router and it might be a bit above my skill level until i learn all of its functions.

i have attached a pic of the log but i dont really know what to do from here.

Try setting up another vlan, without any blocking and see if it works. Is it currently still busted? Because there was a google issue a few days ago.

what should i put on that vlan?
everything or just the automation stuff ?

right now i have a ubuquity AP doing the wireless and have everything wireless on a 2.4 ghz network of its own i have a couple cheapie china devices that wont work on 5ghz so i put everything together on the same band and connect anything else to it.

i also noticed hubitat says my samsung phone isnt supported and will be removed

I would suggest, to start with the hub and the google mini on the same vlan, they should be able to communicate. And what is google's problem S8 is not that old. Maybe you have a pending android update that might help your phone to not be removed?

weird about the s8 though its up to date i have it restart everynight at midnight and auto update apps when charging and on wifi so as soon as i drop it on the charger every night it updates everything, just about every morning i see apps that have been updated.

ive checked a few things with google because it doesnt reply sometimes

after my last post i checked google , out of 10 tries asking google to turn on and off the lights in the living room it worked 6 times
4 of them being just a ding and the lights turning on or off
2 times it says that google cant contact hubitat
2 times it just did what i asked
and 2 times it didnt reply at all

ill try setting up a new vlan and see what happens

ok so im doing some research over on the pfsense, i think that in order to setup a vlan ill need to use a managed switch and my access point will have to be on that vlan.
so ill have to either get another access point or use my old router as an access point.

neither is a my desired end result.

how can i determine whats causing it to not find hubitat when i make a voice command?