Google Assistant Integration

I'm having issues where the hub is not sending all my devices to the Google Assistant. I going into the Integration app and select all the devices, refresh the listings in the Google home app, and many bulbs are missing. I go back into the app on Hubitat, and once again, those same devices are unchecked. I've tried updating this from both the Google and the Hubitat side without any success. Any ideas?

Check hubitat logs after you try to add new devices to google home. There have been a couple posts recently with devices that ended up being not supported for various reasons.

I have no issue with the devices being added to the Hubitat hub. The issues come when I try to move them into the Google Assistant. I also know it's not a device specific issue because I have some (identical) bulbs that did integrate properly while others didn't.

My comment has nothing to do with adding devices to Hubitat. Try to add the devices to the google home integration and then go to hubitat logs after they fail. There MAY be some info as to why the integration didn't load the device to google.

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