Google Assistant access curiosity

While I of course understand that Google Assistant integration happens via the cloud, I was curious to know to what extent Hubitat's own cloud servers were involved. I thought of asking, because on Home Assistant (that I finally got running) you actually have to pay a subscription to enable the integration to voice assistants. So I wondered if it was heavy on the hub company's servers.

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You don’t have to. It is just more convenient to do so. In any event, it would appear that Hubitat Inc. is absorbing those costs for Hubitat users.


Not any heavier than other free cloud services Hubitat provides:

Amazon Alexa
Hubitat Mobile apps
Maker API
Ecobee Integration
Rachio Integration

Just to name a few that I can think of :slight_smile:

I thought Maker API and the Dashboard ran locally! I mean I only use them locally anyway. I thought they were connecting to the hub over the LAN? Do you mean just when someone does choose to access the hub remotely or are they innately routed via the cloud?

Right, they offer both local and cloud.

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