Goodbye to my last X-10

Just yanked the last piece of X-10 out of my home. This XPR and XP4 have been installed in my master bedroom for years and I haven’t been used it in at least 5. I replaced a ceiling fan years ago with one with remote controlled lights and had no use for the wall switch. I rewired the switch loop to give it constant power and used this to power various lights in the bedroom and around the house.

I bought my first X-10 (Radio shack Plug-n-Power branded) device in the mid-80s when I was in the Navy.

I replaced it with a Zooz Zen-26 setup with a simple one tap of either paddle turns on or off the lights on the night stands and a double tap of either button tourns on or off all the lights in the bedroom. A bit more reliable that the old X-10.


Actually I still have X10 running (4 flood lights, switches controlling all outside lights). I've shutdown my old X10 controller a JDS Stargate. Now using Node-Red, on a RPI 4, and Mochad driving CM15 PLC. I never found X10 unreliable and didn't need repeaters :crazy_face:

Maybe not a repeater, but I did find it necessary to go into my breaker panel and solder a 0.1uF capacitor across the two phases. My, we were young and stupid and desperate for home automation back then.


A month after I bought my VeraPlus I put all my X-10 in a box and sold it on eBay. I will say my Ocelot controller was Rock Solid (of course it was a microprocessor with no OS). But the lighting was hit or miss. It did its best for a number of years and was appreciated. But I am not sorry to have seen it go.

I have a phase coupler in a dryer 220V plug...

There's a museum of technology somewhere that would probably make space for all that stuff. I started with a house full of X-10 many years ago. It was much like a dog walking on its hind legs: I wasn't down well yet it was amazing that it worked at all.

I just ditched my X10 system in March. And while zigbee and zwave offer tons more in reliablity. There are something I miss..palmpad remotes for sure. The ability to scroll through one giant config file for all my automations and configurations(I was running heyu on a raspi)

I am selling all of it off on eBay now. Slowly but surely!

I think that it is time to do the same. I used a lot of X-10 with Smartthings and really did not have any issues. SO moving over to Hubitat something has changed. My lamp modules, with LED bulbs, don't seem to go off. What I mean by that is the light is off every once in a while they will blink on and off or just a little bit of energy is getting to the bulb to make it flicker. So you are asking yourself there is no way that switching from one platform to another could make this happen. No clue but it did not happen in ST.

SO I guess to the recyclinging bin they go.