Going from a C-5 to a C-7

Can you backup a C-5 and restore it into a C-7 and everything work? I tried this about a year ago and it failed. A lot of my rules did not work. Any advice to do this? I have two c-7's just sitting because I couldn't get this to work. Thank you for all your help!

Yes, but a big No too.

Yes, the backup from a C-3, C-4 or C-5 will all transfer to a C-7. BUT, NO, none of the devices will work.. they are all still joined/paired to the other hub.

With a C-5, you can purchase the Hub Protection plan and that comes with an ability to backup to the cloud. The special part is THAT backup, not the regular one, will contain your Z-Device too. There's a special process to use to get them to move, because you don't want both hubs powered at once and fighting over who'd the controller.

Hub Protect is primarily a warranty extension, but the bonus of the cloud backup is great. If you don't choose that option, then you have to remove Z-Wave devices from the old and Include them to the new and then adjust all your Automations to use the completely new device. Zigbee is simpler, since they are hard numbered at the factory and just need to be re-paired to the C-7 and they drop right into any Automations.