GoControl z-wave bulb - can't add. Help!

Hey everyone,

I'm having a tough time with this Go Control Z-wave bulb.
Excluded fine. Reported as "1 unknown device excluded"
While Including - states Found Z-Wave Device with id 2B
Initializing... stays there indefinitely.
"Stop Z-wave Inclusion" button is not doing anything.

The above has been attempted 4-6 times now. At this rate, I will reach the pull-chain's MTBF soon :slight_smile:

HE C7 with firmware
Never had a problem with 100+ devices connected..
It appears that several other people are having the exact problem with different Z-wave devices...

Hi genelevi63,
Were you ever able to get these bulbs working? I've been able to exclude, and then after some fiddling get them to include, but the generic Z-wave dimmer, generic Z-wave switch, and the z-wave bulb drivers I've found don't seem to control these bulbs.