GoControl WD500Z5-1 and Generic Smart Dimmer driver

Curious events here and need your help

New WD500Z5-1 dimmer using Generic Smart Dimmer driver, only 1 ML rule turns it on/off when in Home mode, setup to dim to 75% with motion, yet my logs show many different values except for 75% until I hit refresh in the device window, then 75% is noted. 40% is pretty common, 51% has been seen as well as a few other values

Evening mode dimes to 45% and sleep is never turned on... IOW, I don't have 40% set anywhere

Is this a generic driver issue in conjunction with the WD500Z5-1 switch?

Until I get the reported values right, I feel like I can't get my setup working as I would like

Is there another driver that is better for this device?
Is the device not reporting the value correctly?

Thanks in advance

Just want to check, but are you absolutely positive there's not a rule that uses the switch. You've check in the device under "used by" and didn't find any other rules listed? Just want to make sure you verified that as wel.
I do know that your dimmer won't ever show 100% I've seen it explained here a few times, but I can't tell you why. Mine don't ever show 100% either. That is the driver and dimmer and how it works. The 40% is the value in question. Is the light actually stopping at 40% when setting it? Or is it just logging that? Have you experienced an actual incorrect level?

Hi April,

Yes confirmed several times that this light is only controlled by 1 ML rule and confirmed via the used by...

The light intensity appears to be right at 75%, it seems the log is showing 40% until I hit refresh then it shows as 75%

Yes, most of my dimmers only go to 99% as well

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I'm thinking out loud here, but do you think it's possible that it's a reporting stepping stone? That it's not completing the final report to the hub for whatever reason?

I just had a conversation with someone that kind've said the same thing. The reliability of the mesh. Now I would think to have a pretty robust mesh as most of my mains are zwave and zwave plus and my house footprint is not that large, but this was also about a lock. Doing almost exactly that.

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I also messed with my ge dimmer and I get the same thing

But it does not register any of these values in the light. And it logs 75% in the logs but the events show numbers all over. These are only ever at 100% or off


My mesh should be pretty good, lots of z-wave/plus throughout

I would still like to accomplish a master bathroom light opportunity while working with the data that is presented, here is the use case

Light turns on to 75% with motion, goes off after 3 mins - ML rule in place and works fine

Walk in and decide that max brightness is needed, dim up to max - would like this action to pause the ML rule

I created a VS, created a RM rule to turn on the VS when the dim level changes (works fine)

The ML rule is setup to disable when VS is turned on - this part isn't working

If I am reading the ML option correctly, it will only pause the ML rule and prevent it from turning on, rather than disable the ML rule once it's on

How can I accomplish this?
Thanks, Rick

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Looking at your rules, turning it up works, can't you just use motion to turn off the virtual switch when motion is stopped again in your RM rule? Then the motion lighting rule will trigger because the VS is off and turn off the light?

If someone turned it up, then why would they turn it back down before they leave? I think you should use a different trigger to reset that part of your rule like the motion sensor. IMHO

Hi April,

Yes motion will turn it off after the delay. Then a few mins later go back in and have to manually dim up again. Was hoping to pause the original ML rule with a dim up action... and we would only turn off the light IF we manually turned it on, otherwise motion would prevail

Apparently Pause in ML doesn't work the same way as it does in RM


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Where there's a will there a way. Let me sit down and see if I can come up with suggestions

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