GoControl Thermostat Errors

My GoControl GC-TBZ48L (Iris version) has started throwing lots of errors using Generic Z-Wave Thermostat driver

I've seen these before but not recently and not this many.

Try the dedicated driver that was released a few versions ago.

I forgot to mention that I was using the dedicated driver previously, and even tired a custom driver, with similar results. The generic driver was working the best of the three until recently. I'll give the dedicated driver another try.

Installed dedicated GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat driver and configured at 8:32 and error thrown again at 9:55

I'm not seeing that with my GoControl.

But @mike.maxwell, it appears that the native driver is not set to AutoOff the logs. This is the first native driver I've seen that doesn't do that. Is there a particular reason? (i'm just curious, it doesn't appear to be a "chatty" device)

CORRECTION: It appears that re-saving the device scheduled the logs turning off. So, I'm not sure if it was added to the native driver after I set it to that driver or what but it did turn debug logging off now. Not sure it it is in the "update" function instead of the Initialize function but it did turn them off now.