GoControl motion sensor wapirz-1

I have a GoControl WAPIRZ-1 that was paired with my WinkHub 2. I'm trying to get this to pair with my HE, but it's not giving me anything.
I replaced the battery and tried to put the device into exclusion mode. I opened the cover, pressed and released the tamper button for 1 second. I read this was supposed to work? However, I can't tell if did or not.
Anyone have any advice on this device? TIA.

Open a second browser window with the Hubitat Log scrolling in it. Then in your first window, in z-wave Details, put it in exclude. Then execute the device reset. If it got excluded, there will be a log entry saying so. Typically the light will blink on the device.

Thanks Jon - that's great advice on watching the log in a second window. I should have thought of this as I use the "tail -f" command frequently in life!

I finally got this excluded and discovered. I had to take the battery out, stick a paper clip in the slot on the back, put the battery back in (might have had to press the hole a few times). The light flashed.
I put the cover back on, then pressed the button in the hole a few more times with a paper clip. It eventually was discovered (of course, I put the Hubitat in inclusion mode).

General complaint: companies should have documentation about how to exclude/discover devices. I spent time playing around with this device to get it to work. Seems like a simple document on the web page would be useful? Some have it, others don't. Anyway, got it working now.

THANKS!!! I totally agree with your assessment of the documentation. GoControl's documentation doesn't mention the hole at all. Seems like all documentation (not just GoControl) is written around "open the box, put the battery in and it works!"

Thank you. I have 2 of these, trying to exclude from Wink. I cannot tell you exactly what I did, but the combination of using a paper clip and removing the battery got me excluded from Wink and included in HE.