GoControl Irrigation Controller Not Found by HE

I excluded my irrigation controller from HS so I could see what HE brought it in as. Unfortunately it does not come in at all. HE never finds it and it is a z-wave plus device. I thought at least it would come in as a valve but no.
Anyone know why HE would not even recognize it? thanks

Need to exclude it in HE first.

Ok, I have excluded it several times in HE as well as HS. I put HE in discovery mode and press the button once as instructed and the green light starts flashing. A few seconds later the green light goes solid indicating that a hub has been found. Unfortunately HE is still looking for a device and nothing shows up to save. Just keeps circling.
Is this because there is no device in HE that fits this device? Any help appreciated. thanks

Follow up on this device. Is there anyone out there that has one of these and might have it working or is there anyone out there that would be interested in creating a driver for it. It is the WI15VZ-1. thanks

No HE should find any ZWave device. Now there may not be a device driver for it to control that said device. You should reach out to GoControl to ask for a custom Driver for ST and that way there is a baseline to port over to HE. I have done searches for you across ST and Hass.IO and found everyone has ditched it for a DIY ESP8266 projects.

If you can get the ST DTH/App then there is a chance of someone here that could help you.

Thanks aaron. I will send them an email. I don't understand why it doesn't show it found it. At least some form of a generic driver should be assigned to it like Device. I am not sure what the ESP8266 is all about or why they ditched this unit because it works great.

The integration into other sensors and systems is what I am seeing.

I have sent an email to Nortek. We will see what they say. Looks like the GoControl website doesn't even show a picture of it in their product page. Not good. I guess everyone is using devices such as Rachio or the like.
What is everyone using to control their sprinkler valves with then?

Rachio is supported in HE with native drivers.

A local / non-home automation connected panel. FOR ME, I see zero benefit to a connected sprinkler panel. I had a Gen-1 Rachio in my previous house, and while it worked, it really didn't do anything that impressed me.

I still have it sitting in a drawer - didn't bother installing it when I moved to a new house in May.

I understand. I wish there was a z-wave controllable relay board that has say 10-12 relays on it. That would make it real easy to control. I guess a Pi but never messed with one.

Yeah, could probably do it with an arduino or an esp8266, too.