GoControl GD00Z-8-GC

I am looking for garage door control. I was looking at GoControl GD00Z-8-GC . THere are a bunch of these units on ebay without the tilt sensors. Can the unit be used without their tilt sensor? I alrady have a zwave tilt sensor on the door.

Use a zen-16 or 17 for z-wave, or an MH-COZY for zigbee. An ecolink tilt sensor and if you have the yellow button on the motor a security 2.0 to dry contact adapter. Under $40 and will run in parallel with your oem controls so you don't have to do anything with them and use them as a backup.

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@rlithgow1, I've seen you mention this a few times. Is this required for the Zooz model too? Just curious why this is needed? Excuse my ignorance.

Doesn't matter the relay. If you're existing motor uses security 2.0 you need the adapter

Interesting, do you have a recommendation on what to get? Is this specific to Chamberlain only?

No the yellow button is pretty industry standard for newer units. If it doesn't have the yellow button it's an older unit and doesn't use security 2.0. The adapter is like 20 bux ad garadget.com. You want this one


The tilt sensor is required for Z-Wave operation.

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If you really want to try the Go control I have 4 of the Iris branded units. All with tilt sensors. Pay shipping and I will send you one. They all worked, but I switched to Zen16s, and they have been much more reliable. The units I have are older, and maybe a newer Go-control is better, but they work great until they don't. They will just drop off the network from time to time and you need to power cycle the unit and and manually cycle the door to get them synced again.

I think those are 300 series. Pre Plus and pre S0. I would not recommend attempting to use them.

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They are Pre plus, but they do connect S0. I also would not recommend them but I'll give him one if he wants it.

I had the older one until it died - GDZ004. I only had to power cycle it a few times in 6 years (2016 to 2022). It died and I got the newer S2 version - GDZ008. I have had that one since Aug 12 of 2022 and I have NEVER had to power cycle it to reconnect it to the hub. It has survived at least 5 power outages as well (Still requires a manual open/close to sync door status on power failure). It was also much easier to pair than I recall the older one was.

I've had similar experience. A very small number of issues with my GD00Z-4s over 5+ years, and none at all with my GD00Z-8s in the 3+ years that I've had them.