GoControl Garage Door no Events

I am moving from ST to HE and I have a cranky garage door opener.
I have 2 GoControl openers, both paired fine but one works and the olther one doesn't do anything.
I have excluded and re-paired 3 times with no issue but it just doesn't do anything. I am using the Generic driver for both.

  • zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true
  • S2: 128
  • deviceId: 13616
  • deviceType: 18244
  • manufacturer: 335
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x5A,0x72,0x73,0x98
  • secureInClusters: 0x86,0x85,0x59,0x66,0x22,0x71
  • zwNodeInfo: 1C 80 04 40 07 5E 5A 72 73 98 68 23 F1 00 86 85 5C 59 66 22 71

EDIT: Well it looks like you have to wait 5 minutes. I did this post and hit open more than 5 minutes later and I heard the door functioning and events are now there.

power cycling mine fixed it.. what a pain was opening closing and showing close events but no open.. will try to get it replaced

I saw the same behavior with Kiwkset locks (on a C-5). When paired, it looks like everything is done, but you have to wait for a bit before they will accept commands (I let mine sit for about 10-15 minutes just to be safe!)

Cycling fixed my garage one but my shed one is now on the fritz.
I works in every way except you have to press Refresh on the device page to get the events.
I changed the tilt battery just because it was a little under 3 VDC but no diff.
I will have to move the hub close and exclude and re-add as the next step.
I'm not out of range as all the commands work but the exclude is being fussy.