GoControl FS20Z-1 overheat?

I purchased three of these inline relays a couple of years ago. One is installed in my basement, and two in the attic. They all control external lights (some LED floods, some 24v landscaping lights, etc.), so nothing with a huge current draw.

The two devices in the attic have both failed, and I'm wondering if it was because of the temperature extremes. Has anyone had a problem with these units overheating?

Interestingly, according to the logs, the last update time for both devices was May 15 of this year, within a few minutes of each other. Hard to believe they both failed on the same day, but they are no longer addressable via the HE.

Power surge?

That's always a possibility, but none of the other modules were damaged.

I would agree overheating is less than likely due to the timing failure for the two modules.

If I were to hazard a guess, I would guess lightning near by. I've seen lightning in my dad's home blow out a bulb in one room and a TV on/off switch in another. Very unpredictable.