GoControl Contact Sensor Errors

I am receiving the following error in my log on my GoControl Contact sensors. They appear to be working but I was wondering is anybody else is seeing this?

This is the driver that I am using:

That doesn't really tell anyone what driver you are using. You have to go in and actually show the edit device page. Not just the list

That device is fully supported by the built-in Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor driver so I recommend using that driver instead of a ported version of my ST DTH.

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Sorry is this better?

Okay will do.... I assumed (you know what that means) that your specific driver would be better.... I'll switch it back and see if that "behaves" better.

A really long time ago ST broke the "response" functionality when returning commands from the parse method so some of my handlers have a workaround for that issue.

That workaround either needs to be removed or sendHubCommand has to be fixed because Hubitat's implementation of it is a little different.

Almost all of Hubitat's dedicated built-in drivers provide the same functionality as my ST DTHs so for most devices there's no need to use mine.

I don't believe that device has any configuration parameters and I know the built-in generic driver creates events for both internal and external contact events so the generic driver should work fine for this device.

If there's a feature in my handler that's missing from the generic driver let me know and I'll take a look at my handler and either explain how to fix it or post a ported version of it to GitHub.

Update: The fix is actually really simple, just replace return sendResponse(cmds) around line 353 with return response(cmds)

I am using that same driver. I am not showing any errors.

Thanks for your help. I am converting them over to the generic driver now and as soon as I can "convince them" to contact the hub, I am hoping that the battery status will update.

Remove the cover, wait 10 seconds, and close it.

Tried that and they still would not contact the hub. I switched back to your driver and they work just fine (except the error). I even rebooted the hub in between and they still would not report. Well I'm switched back to your driver. Other than the error, it's working good. I guess "If it ain't broke don't fix it..."

I realized how easy it was to fix that error so I added it to one of my posts a while ago.

Replace the line below, which is around line 353:

return sendResponse(cmds)


return response(cmds)

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You'd only see that error when the device wakes up which I think happens about every 12 hours...


Ok I will do that. Thanks for your quick response and assistance. I cannot rave enough about this community. The developers and support staff are great and the willingness of everybody to jump in and "help a newbie out" is overwhelming. I'm a somewhat a newbie to HE but I am completely sold on the platform so far. I recently converted everything from Wink having gone through WeMo, Smart Things and several other platforms prior. Going from the "closed/dead" world of Wink to HE is like opening Pandora's box. Im here to stay unless I go broke buying new gadgets first....

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Change made.... will see how it behaves. Thanks again.

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I went ahead and changed it as well. Thanks !